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Best-in-class electrified platforms for an emission-free future.

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Electrification is in full swing and range and efficiency are still one of the most important criteria for the driver. We accept this challenge and are constantly working to further develop our electric drives. Our goal: Best-in-Class (BIC) efficiency, safety, dynamism and comfort.

Magna's high-voltage portfolio covers the entire product spectrum for electric vehicles and full and plug-in hybrid vehicles, from individual components to complete systems – from eaxles, eDrive transmissions and highly integrated eDrives to solutions for full and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Our eDrive platform approach offers maximum flexibility through cross-project synergies with maximum scalability from 50 - 250 kW, while our eDrive portfolio provides systems with 400V to 800V operating voltage.

Latest eDrive Innovation:

Magna eDrive System High HE


Magna's latest high-power eDrive System delivers world class attributes on efficiency, power-to-weight ratio, torque density and sustainability.


Magna’s 800V eDrive is based on a KPI driven generation approach and can be applied as a highly efficient primary or complementary drive with optional eDecoupling to battery electric vehicles from the C, D and E segments.

Primary / Complementary Drive Units

Secondary Drive Units


Heavy Duty electric drive for frame-based vehicle usage. Structure-oriented design to support high payload and towing capability with matching power for continuous duty usage, high peak torque and robustness.

Find out more about our Heavy Duty (eBeam™ & 3in1) family and download the Deep Dive contents:



Dedicated Hybrid Drives

Highest flexibility for multiple applications

Usually in hybrid architectures, to enable boosting and recuperation, an e-machine must be added to the transmission or engine. However, this also leads to a critical cost-benefit question. With the new Dedicated Hybrid Drives (DHD) we simplified our existing hybrid concepts and utilized our long-term development experience with hybridized dual-clutch transmissions. We added a strong e-machine, shifted the dynamic operation towards it while standardizing the engine operation, and reduced the number of gears.

DHD offer best-in-class electrical performance and efficiency, outstanding convenience and adapt to real-world requirements in different vehicle segments and markets. Magna is looking at a complete systems approach to both conventional and electric platforms, so watch out for more DHD variants as they are developed.

Find out more about our DHD product family and download the Deep Dive contents:

Efficient HEV and PHEV Technology Demonstrator with DHD Duo.

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The technology demonstrator with Magna’s DHD Duo is an advanced HEV and PHEV solution based on a two e-motor architecture. It improves range and efficiency for high-volume passenger cars & SUVs with front-wheel drive. 

Competitive advantage/differentiators 

  • Very good acceleration performance due to the interaction of high-powered e-motor and a multi gear approach 
  • Very smooth & comfortable driving in all driving conditions supported by electric, serial and parallel driving modes 
  • Shifting without notice for the multi-speed architecture


  • Reuse of mature technologies & building blocks, ASIL C for e-motor and inverter 
  • 140 kW high e-motor peak power 
  • Impressive acceleration performance, comparable to a BEV  

Powertrain Testing Services


Find here a detailed overview of our Testing Services.

Electrified Powertrain Systems by Magna


Connected PHEV Powertrain Solution with Full Drivability in Electric Mode


Intelligent BEV Powertrain Solution with Maximum Range Efficiency and Drivability


Efficiency, Performance, and Control in one PHEV Solution


Powerful BEV Drivetrain Solution for Passenger Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles


Advanced BEV Powertrain Solution for Sport and Light Utility Vehicles

Video Gallery

Magna EtelligentDrive

The new language of Powertrains Watch Video EtelligentDrive
Picture of Dedicated Hybrid Drive DHD Eco
Dedicated Hybrid Drive DHD Eco
Picture of Dedicated Hybrid Drive DHD Plus
Dedicated Hybrid Drive DHD Plus
Picture of Highly Integrated eDrive Mid
Highly Integrated eDrive Mid+
Highly Integrated eDrive Low Cost Efficient
Picture of Dedicated Hybrid Drive DHD Duo
Learn more about the brand new DHD Duo solution